“Many of our Columbus boudoir photogaphy clients show up feeling timid and unsure.  But they leave feeling energized, empowered and self-confident!  “Just showing up can be the hardest part.”
                                                                                              – Brenda Kerns Columbus Boudoir Photographer

An empowerment photo shoot is perfect for any women, at any age, in any shape or size. At Body Beautiful we believe that “You are enough!” our goal is to provide you with a unique experience that allows you to see yourself as others see you. To show you the best version of yourself, as you are right now, where you are today

Celebrate your love and each other with a Body Beautiful Boudoir Couple’s photo session. At Body Beautiful Boudoir we want to capture REAL couples with a genuine connection. Take this opportunity to reconnect with your lover, celebrate who you are individually as well as a pair, and take your relationship to a new level of intimacy

In contrast to our Empowerment and Intimate Couples shoots, Our After Dark sessions can have a more fetish and edgy atmosphere. So if you like provocative and erotically charged images, this style will be right up your alley If you are a fan of the 50 Shades books you can create your own 50 Shades of Grey style fetish shoot

Let’s not forget the men! Some call it Dudoir, some call it intimate male photography. At Body Beautiful it’s called simply “him”. And it’s growing! Whether a gift for a spouse or a partner, or an empowerment photo shoot for yourself, at Body Beautiful we believe that every”body” deserves to be celebrated. Everyone deserves a celebration!

Celebrate you!

Out philosophy at Body Beautiful Boudoir Photography is that YOU are beatiful. And we choose celebrate and inspire you. My goal as a boudoir photographer is to bring out your inner beauty and to accentuate and capture your own unique physical allure. You won’t find paid models on our site. Only mothers, sisters, wives and daughters. Fathers, sons and husbands who have been encouraged and empowered to embrace their own body and express their own individuality. We work together to celebrate the joy, the sensuality, the pride and the essence of who you are. Please take a moment to browse our site. Then email or call us with any questions, or to book your own empowering photography session.

We look forward to hearing from you and hope that you will decide to take that leap and become a part of our Body Beautiful Boudoir family.



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