Why, Hello There Beautiful!

It Is Time For You To See How Beautiful You Really Are

Your Boudoir Shoot

We are delighted that you are considering Body Beautiful Boudoir. Women come into boudoir sessions with all different comfort levels and desires. For that reason, we work very hard to customize your experience to ensure it is exactly right for you. Our number one priority is that you leave feeling beautiful and confident. As you begin to think about what you want from your shoot, we want you to know all of the important information you need to make sure you have Your Dream Boudoir Shoot.


Once you book your boudoir shoot you’ll receive our welcome email and questionnaire. In our welcome email we’ll share with you tips for preparing for your photo shoot. It’s all optional and super easy stuff like, “drink more water, arrive with a clean face for makeup application, etc.”

We’ll also send you our super fun questionnaire. This will help us to tailor your photoshoot to be the photoshoot of your dreams. We also LOVE when our clients share images that they love! If you have time, create a Pinterest board and pin some photos that you are drawn to. Once you’re done you can send us the link to your board! If you don’t have time, no worries at all.

Just remember that once you book your shoot, we will take care of the rest. We promise you are going to have a blast!

To help you feel even more comfortable and prepared we have created a Dream Shoot Planner which you can download on our catalogue page of this site!


Once you arrive, we’ll go through the outfits and accessories you brought. Together we will pick out the outfit you are most comfortable in – we always want to start with that one. Many clients are anxious at the start of the season and it is my promise to calm your nerves before we begin shooting, so we take a few extra minutes chatting and review your goals for the session.

We will start off with the simplest of poses and coach you on exactly where to look, how to smile, and where to place your hands and feet. We know that many clients have a specific body part they are self-conscious of and we will talk you through ways to pose so that you know your photos are flattering. With twelve years of experience we are positive that you will not have to wonder if you are “doing it right” or if you look ok. 

We will work together using you input to ensure you are getting the dream shoot you have always wanted. Time will pass quickly and if you are like most clients, you won’t want the session to end. You will know that you have worked hard and helped to create some incredible photos of yourself. The most exciting part is yet to come. I always look forward to reviewing your images and will work hard to get them back to you as soon as possible. You will be anxiously awaiting your images so you and relive the experience and see your true beauty!


So what happens after your boudoir shoot? Knowing that you are flying high and full of excitement about your session, I will begin to review and edit your images typically within 48 hours. Unless you prefer to be totally surprised, I will not be able to contain my enthusiasm and will forward one or two to you so that you can share in the excitement of how gorgeous you look!

Once I have completed editing, we will meet and review your images together. We will work together to narrow down you favorites and ensure that you are getting your dream photos. Finally we figure out how you prefer to have your photos whether it be an heirloom box or a customized album. Then you will receive you photos to cherish forever.

You can always find any important details and information in your dream shoot planner. Don’t forget to download it from our catalogue page!

Don't Just Take Our Word For It

We are thrilled and proud that our clients have such incredible experiences with us. Don’t just take our word for it, see what real women have shared about there experiences.