What is Patreon and why should I join?

Ever feel like you are missing events, or seeing announcements and post to late? Are you tired of facebook controlling what you see
and when you can see it, even when you have alerts turned on in our group?
We have a solution!!!
We are now a part of Patreon. A subscription based service for you Babes who want to see more, say more , and take facebook out from between you and us.

But faceboook is free!!!!

It is, and as a thank you for supporting our Band of Babes and Body Beautiful we have put together a tiered system of discounts and savings, and most of all
early access to limited events and specials, that we think will make your patronage here well worth your support.
Nothing will change in our Band of Babes facebook group. You do not have to become a Patron. The difference will be that the Patreon subscribers will see
more images, (images that facebook believes you shouldn’t see), get discounts and savings for being Patrons, and as an added bonus,
get first access to all group events and photo shoots.

If you love our Band of Babes and would just like to see more images, plus have first access to group events, our Boudie Fanatic tier is perfect for you.
If you plan to participate in group photo shoots and/or schedule your own empowerment or couples photo shoot at some later date,
the  3 PLUS LEVEL tiers are a great way to get early access, save money, and build a up BOUDIE BUCKS (replacing ClickPro) that you can use later,
essentially making you Patronage FREE!

Whether you choose to become a Patron and get access to discounts and perks, or you continue to follow and participate in our facebook group
without becoming a Patron we are soooo grateful that you are here! Thank you for being apart of our Band of Babes!!

See tiers below – click to enlarge

Join us in Patreon and SAVE

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