Bombshell Collection


  • 32 Image 10″x10″ Luxury Album
  • 2 Image 5″x7″ Bedside Leather Folio
  • 1 Image 16″x20″ Metal Print Wall Art
  • 35 Image Personalized Mobile Phone App
  • Financing available
  • 35+ Digital Only Pricing $2625 ($75ea)
Ravishing Collection


  • 25 Images 10″x10″ Luxury Album
  • 25 Image Personalized Mobile Phone App
  • Corresponding Digital Images
  • Financing available
  • 25+ Digital Only Pricing $1975 ($79ea)

$1900  NEW & EXCITING!!!

You Choose…. One of two  34 page, 16 image, high quality magazines with interviews, articles, images and letters all about you!

Whether you are chronicling your progress, or beginning your journey,
this is the empowered, personalized magazine for you! You will be uplifted and affirmed!

An intimate, exciting way to expand, to explore or to kick start a relationship
with your special person. Is there a fetish, or fantasy or a lifestyle?
A conversation starter for sure!



  • 10 Images 8″x8″ Luxury Album
  • Corresponding Digital Images
  • Financing available
  • 10+ Digital Only Pricing $1000 ($100ea)
Flirty Collection


  • 5  5″x7″ Mounted Prints
  • Corresponding Digital Images
  • Financing available
  • 5+ Digital Only Pricing $725 ($145ea)


This is a is tough for us!  We always encourage our clients to invest in Print Collections. There is nothing like holding and album in your hand, or seeing beautiful art on your wall that takes you back to your empowering boudoir experience. A reminder of your confidence that grew and the affirmation of who you are, that helped you to realize that “You are enough!” Enough just how you are! Enough right where you are!

All of that said we also realize that this experience is an investment and sometimes you just need to save where you can. So we have started offering a digital only alternative.

5+   digital images  $145ea

10+  digital images  $100ea

25+  digital images   $79ea

35+  digital images   $75ea

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A La Carte


Bedside Folio

2 image 5″x7″ leather bound folio $395

3 image 5″x7″ leather bound folio $525

4 image 5″x7″ leather bound folio $675

4 image 8″x8″ leather bound folio $750

4 image folio


METAL WALL ART  Beautiful gloss finish images displayed on an aluminum composit panel. Gracefully slim with a restrained  elegance.

11×14 $204   12×12 $204   16×20 $324   16×24 $384  20×30 $564   24×36 $720

CANVAS  High-qualiy hand-built matte finish canvases to last a lifetime. Create Canvas Art everyone will enjoy and appreciate and admire.

12×16 $174   14×14 $174   16×20 $228   16×24 $270   16×32 $318   20×30 $348   24×36 $380   16×48 $480   30×40 $720

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