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Body Contour Imagery is an artistic way of capturing the beautiful curves and details of the human form. We use shadow and light to accentuate and highlight. These images are typically more anonymous and focus on shapes or details that create sensual and evocative images that make beautifully artistic and tasteful wall art that can be displayed in your home.

Our Body Contour Photo Sessions include:  Professional hairstyling and makeup + lashes (for one), pre-shoot wardrobe consultation, access to accessories closet, posing coaching and encouragement, photo shoot and editing time.  All Digital and print products are sold separately.  We show you your images the same day and you only purchase the ones you love!   There is no product purchase requirement.


Body Contour Session add-on 

add-on to a full empowerment photo session

This is the Full Body Beautiful Experience. A Full Empowerment Photo Session with a Body Contour Imagery set add-on. Creating sensual, evocative, sometime annonymous works of art that can be hung in your home or included in your empowerment photo album.

$525 session fee includes:

  • Professional hair styling and make up + lashes for one
  • 3-4 outfits  (in the sheets or nude)
  • 3 sets (add on sets available)
  • 60-90+ minute photo session
  • Body Contour add-on
  • Same day viewing and ordering
Shadow & Light

Stand Alone Body Contour Session?

The stand alone Body Contour Imagery photo session gives us the time and focus to make you a true “work of art”. Let’s create some evocative, artistic, sometimes annonymous images that you would feel good about sharing or even displaying in your home.

$250 session fee

  • Professional hair styling and make up + lashes for one
  • 2 outfits  (nude)
  • 30 minute photo session
  • Same day viewing and ordering

Print/Digital Products

Our session fees do not include the cost of images. $100 of your session fee will go towards the purchase of any Print/Digital Collection purchased the day of your photo session. No product purchase is required, you only purchase what you love! Click on Product Pricing below and know exactly what your options are.

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