Harley Photo Shoot

 Biker Babes in Motorcyle Leathers

One sexy biker chick finds the perfect motorcycle riding leathers


As many of you already know, we love to change things up at Body Beautiful Boudoir. Biker Babes in motorcycle leathers are a fun and sexy way to spice things up especially when they bring their favorite Biker Dude along for the ride! When Ms S showed up for her Sexy Harley Photoshoot there was no question she was able to find the perfect guy and the perfect motorcycle riding leathers.


Have you been thinking about an empowering boudoir photoshoot and wondering about how you make it unique to who you are and how you roll? Maybe you’re one of those Biker Chicks who love the outdoors and the open road, and would feel right at home with an outdoor Biker Babe photoshoot.
Biker Chicks
Motorcycle Leathers
Of course a sexy Harley photoshoot could go many ways. It could feature YOU in hot motorcycle riding leathers. Maybe you would wear your favorite lingerie and riding boots. Or maybe it’s just you and your bike! (clothing optional)

Are you ready to book a shoot? Do you have a few more questions?  Complete the SHORT FORM and I will be in touch!

If you are looking for motorcycle riding leathers, or other hot Biker Chicks style apparel, here are a few places our Biker Babes have used.


If you would like to find the leathers Ms S wore in her photoshoot, here are the links. MISS MOLY Faux Leather Corset Vest and the Nihsatin Fishnet Trim Lace Up PU Leather Pants

Support an Etsy entreprenuer and get some Kick Ass beautiful handmade items from Molotov Clothing and rock your Sexy Biker Chicks photoshoot 

Sexy Bike Couple

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