“What types of women are interested in a boudoir session?”. . .

“Exactly who is a Body Beautiful Boudoir Babe?” . . .


“I don’t have a model’s body; I could never do a photo session with you”


These are the types of things I hear every day.

Women who are trying to understand what boudoir photography is all about, women who have never been in

front of my camera, and women who haven’t started their own journey of self-discovery.

Who is a Body Beautiful Babe?  She may be celebrating a life event:  a birthday, an anniversary, a wedding (or

a divorce).  She may be pregnant or grieving the loss of a baby.


A client of Body Beautiful Boudoir may initially only be curious about the experience.

Not planning to schedule her own session, but has seen others do it and wonders what everyone is raving

about.  She may not think she has a reason for her own session, until she realizes that she doesn’t need a

REASON to have the experience.

A Body Beautiful Babe is on her own journey of self-discovery and appreciation.

She is learning (possibly struggling) to love the body she is in. She may be on a weightloss or exercise

program and celebrating her success.  Or she may be celebrating her recovery from an illness and adjusting to

a different body.  A Body Beautiful Babe is learning that her body is worthy of love, is beautiful, and is enough

just as it is today.

A Body Beautiful Boudoir client is ANY woman who is ready to see herself from a different perspective.

She is a woman who may be tiptoeing OR leaping down her path of empowerment.

Perhaps she has just opened the door to her journey.

A Body Beautiful Boudoir Experience is for any woman who is ready to celebrate herself because

at Body Beautiful Boudoir

“you are enough!”

Who is a Body Beautiful Babe?