You finally summoned up enough courage to find a boudoir photographer, spoke on the phone to your boudoir photographer and booked a boudoir session?  Congratulations! I know that sometimes the hardest part is just starting that process.  It can be intimidating making the first step. I am excited that you are ready to celebrate yourself with an empowering photo session!  The next step is to figure out what to wear to your session.

 But, now are you worried about what to wear to your session? It is definitely one of the most often asked questions I hear.  “Do I have to wear lingerie?” or “What do you suggest I wear?”  There are no wrong answers to those questions and there are LOTS of options. I always, ALWAYS, tell my clients they do NOT have to wear lingerie . . . they don’t have to purchase anything new. . .it is all about them feeling confident and beautiful in whatever it is they are wearing.  Often times, clients want to purchase something new for their session.  If you ask me for suggestions, I will suggest a brand new bra and panty set.  Particularly if you are wearing a white bra, there’s nothing whiter than a brand new white bra.  If you are looking for something fun to wear that screams SEXY, SENSUAL, EMPOWERING and BOUDOIR, I recommend purchasing a corset.



Recently, we have had several clients bring corsets to their photo session with us.  We love it!  A corset is a perfect garment to wear because it accentuates all the right areas of your body.   As a photographer, I am looking to accentuate your curves and enhance your shape.  The corset is ideal for this. Corsets are designed to push up where it’s appropriate and cinch in everywhere else, giving you a gorgeous, hourglass shape.


Corsets vary in style, colors, materials, and shape.  They come in underbust or overbust styles and with either plastic or steel boning.  You can find corsets that are appropriate to wear over your clothes, under your clothes or all by itself.  They come with a variety of closures.  I have seen zippers, lace up and hook and eye corsets.  They are equally difficult to get into and out of, in my opinion.  But don’t worry!  We are ready and willing to help you lace up in order to capture some beautiful images!

There are many places you can find corsets online.  Of course, you can find everything at Amazon! Since I am on the plus size, I like shopping at Spicy Lingerie, but there are lots of retailers out there who sell corsets. Most of our clients have said they purchased their corset specifically for their session and several have had issues with sizing.  Please plan far enough ahead so that you have time to try it on before coming to your session.  We have also had clients love wearing their corset so much that they decided they need to find a way to wear it as outerwear, too!


Now that you have decided you are bringing a corset to your photo session, you need to know what to wear with it!  We have had clients wear fishnet stockings, thigh high stockings, a pair of thongs or boy shorts.  I hope you find a beautiful corset that fits just right.  You will most definitely enjoy the images that are captured while you are wearing it and perhaps you will find other opportunities to wear it!

you are enough

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